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Our Approach

All-natural should really mean all-natural.  That’s why every batch of essential oils we use is GC/MS tested and sustainably sourced.

Our Story

When I started my journey, I found so much conflicting and often dangerous information regarding essential oils on the internet that I knew I needed to get a proper education.  After some research, I found that Aromahead Institute was one of only a handful of schools that was recognized world wide as a leader in educating aromatherapists and met some rigorous standards that were imposed by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists.  After getting my education, I founded Joy Naturals.  Because we are a christian based company, joy is spelled with a heart because Jesus Loves you.

Our Credibility

Graduate of Aromahead Institute: Certified Aromatherapist
With professional memberships:
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Meet the Team


Dr. Jim

Chiropractor in Fredericksburg, PA


Debby McKinney

Founder and Certified Aromatherapist