Sage & Cedar Cold Process Soap


Handcrafted Sage & Cedar essential oil soap is made with gentle oils and shea butter.  The Clary Sage and Cedarwood essential oils in this firm bar of soap create an herbal, outdoor aroma while the shea butter and oils provide a luxurious lather.

While variations in soap thickness is normal, all of our soaps are 4 oz/113 g.

*For showers and parties, we offer quantity discounts and customized labels.  Please email for more information.  Soap making takes time because of the curing process.  If you need a large quantity of one soap scent, please plan to order up to eight weeks early.


Ingredients: Distilled water, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil,* sodium hydroxide (lye),** castor oil, shea butter, clary sage (Salvia sclarea) essential oil, cedarwood (Juniperus ashei) essential oil, rosemary oleoresin (antioxidant), chromium oxide (color), iron oxides (color).

*Soap maker is a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil.  **The lye converts the oils into soap and glycerin. No lye remains in the finished soap.

Each soap is individually packaged in a cellophane bag. Please store soap in a cool, dry, dark place. To get the most use out of your soap, keep it where it won’t be softened by running or standing water, and give it a chance to dry between each use.


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